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ESAB Cutting Systems

SABRE 3000

SABRE 3000
For low profile, flexible, mid-sized gantries, SABRE is the ideal shape

SABRE 3000 features:
  • Dual side drives
  • Eight station capacity
  • Cutting widths from 6 to 14 feet
  • Standard rail lengths as long as 80 feet
  • Optional floor mounted rail system
  • Steel cable for slave carriage clamping
All SABREs are low profile gantries. Each model utilizes a rugged steel box beam, pedestal mounted tongue-and-groove T-rail systems, V-groove cross rail systems, precision robotic gearboxes, Pulse Width Modulation drives, and power tracks for both axes. All SABREs feature the Vision CNC system, with a speed range of 2 to 400 ipm.

ESAB Cutting Systems

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