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Vision 1000
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General Description

The Vision 1000 is ideal for small to mid size gantries, cantilever machines, duct cutters, and low-end WaterJet machines. It provides a graphical user interface on a PC based system that is as reliable as it is simple. On screen graphics put this control way ahead of competitive low-cost systems, and hardware features like the 8-position joystick, hand-wheel, and speed potentiometer make it easier to operate by putting the necessary controls at your fingertips.

The Vision 1000 also has many advanced features not found in any competitors controls, such as multi-tasking, program parking, plate alignment, program graphics with real-time display of running point, integrated station control and process control, and support for ESAB’s exclusive Serial I/O Bus technology.

Vision 1000 Standard Features

Standard Hardware Features
  • PC Motherboard with 100 MHz i486 Processor
  • High Speed Motion Control and I/O Control Hardware with 1 ms Servo Update Time.
  • Support for up to 4 Axes
  • 8 inputs / 8 outputs, plus Serial I/O Bus for unlimited Remote I/O.
  • 2 MBytes RAM
  • Monochrome LCD Display
  • 3.5" internal system floppy disk drive
  • Sealed Key-panel with Easy Touch buttons
  • 8 Position Joystick
  • Hand-wheel
  • Speed Potentiometer
  • RS-232 Communications Port
Standard Software Features
  • Acceleration/Deceleration by Angle Analysis
  • Automatic Reference
  • Backup On Contour
  • Built In Diagnostics
  • Contour Relocation
  • Control of up to 3 processes
  • Creep Speed
  • EIA / ESSI Format
  • Gantry Axis
  • Goto XY
  • Graphical Display in Shape Library
  • Graphical Menu Driven Operation
  • Graphical Process Timers & Parameters
  • Graphics to Text Editor
  • Hand-Wheel Stepping
  • Inch / Metric Programmable
  • Kerf Override
  • Mirror Imaging via Program Codes
  • DOS Operating System
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Plasma Pre-Stop
  • Plate Alignment
  • Power Fail Recovery
  • Program Parking
  • Program Rotation
  • Program Scaling
  • Programmable Station Selection
  • Real-Time Graphics during program run
  • Return To Contour
  • Setup Helps
  • Shape Library with Graphical Shape Selection (51 Shapes)
  • Step & Repeat
  • Up to 100 programs in 1 MByte system storage
  • XON/XOFF Basic Serial Communication Capability

Vision 1000 Optional Features

Optional Hardware Features
  • Floppy Disk Drive for Part Program Storage and Transfer
  • Hand Held Pendant
  • Fiber Optic Communication System
Optional Software Features
  • Absolute Gantry Control
  • ACTIVE Software System
  • Additional Cutting Processes
  • Automatic Plate Alignment
  • Automatic Carriage Clamping and Torch Spacing
  • AutoPath Compatibility
  • Axes Rotation
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Burny Compatibility
  • Character Generator for plate marking
  • C-Link
  • Comment Display
  • Divided Working Areas with Software Limits & Fixed Points
  • Flame Control
  • Format Adaption
  • Laser Pointer
  • Macro Keys
  • Macro Programming
  • PPT Advanced Serial Communications System
  • Programmable Cutting Parameters (SDP Files)
  • Strap Bridge
  • Teach Trace
  • UCNC-8 Compatibility
  • UDL Advanced Serial Communications System
  • WaterJet Software

ESAB Cutting Systems

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